In 2002 I had my first of two mid life crises.  I was 34 and gave up a fairly well paid job to run away to the French Alps to 'do a season'.  Not quite running away to the circus but then I can't walk a tightrope or ride a horse bare back so skiing seemed like the next best thing.


Somehow, despite not really applying for a specific job, I ended up being offered the role of Resort Manager for an upmarket chalet company.  Scary stuff but I received a whole 5 days of training so what couldn't possibly go wrong?  Well quite a lot as it happens but that's for another day.  Six months followed of living in a bubble, rarely leaving resort and spending the days skiing and eating cheese, the evenings socialising and eating cheese with just the occasional bit of admin in between which was awfully inconvenient.

So here we are 15 years later and I'm experiencing my second mid life crisis and I've just booked a one way flight to Kathmandu in Nepal.  No firm plans as yet, just some trekking, volunteering, and photography and hopefully I'll meet some interesting people along the way.

Anyway, here's my attempt at a blog.  Someone might find it interesting and if nothing else, it'll give me something to do when I'm tucked up in my sleeping bag high up in the Himalaya wondering why I gave up the comfort of a nice apartment in Surrey.  With heating.  And running water.  And a western toilet.  And a well stocked supermarket half a mile away.