Double booked

I find myself double booked for dinner tonight. There's a birthday at the orphanage so I'll have dinner there at 6.30pm and then the family I'm living with have invited me to dinner at 9pm. It reminds me of The Vicar of Dibley Christmas special where she had to eat multiple lunches because she couldn't say no.

And what do you take to a Nepali dinner party? Wine? After dinner chocolates? Flowers? Dessert? Mmm...

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Just like Nepal

First day back in the office on Thursday and three hours after arriving, there was a power cut. Just like being back in Nepal really.

What a difference

The last time I went for a run it was 22 degrees. I did park run this morning and it was minus 1 and icy. What a difference two weeks makes.

Three simple rules

I've been asked how I managed to avoid getting ill for 11 weeks in Nepal. Three simple rules : Don't eat anything Don't drink anything Don't touch anything