Sport vs culture

Today I had to choose between taking the children to play some sport for the fourth time or go into the city to a book launch by a Nepali author I met at a birthday party earlier this week. There was a suggestion there might be cake at the book launch so rather selfishly, I chose culture over sport. And I couldn't face the inevitable stress of chaotic run around.

Two hours later, after a series of speeches, all in Nepali, I'd received a scarf, a copy of the book (in Nepali) and a mention in her speech just for being the only westerner there. No cake unfortunately but there was some tasty food afterwards so I can skip the rice based dinner at the orphanage tonight.

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What a difference

The last time I went for a run it was 22 degrees. I did park run this morning and it was minus 1 and icy. What a difference two weeks makes.

Three simple rules

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