A one bit town

26 Nov 2017

A week ago I ordered a basketball hoop, net and backboard for the orphanage and after a false start when a homemade one arrived that was barely round, a proper one arrived on Thursday. Such excitement but since then we've been trying to get it fitted. 


At home I'd get one of my drills, a ladder, some screws and wall plugs and 20 minutes later we'd all be playing but in a town where it appears only one person owns a drill and also only one drill bit, which is stuck in a wall (I'm not joking), things take a little longer. I did suggest perhaps buying a new drill bit but the option of breaking the wall to get the original one out seems more sensible and that was due to happen yesterday.


Anyway, I've been promised that at 9am today, a man, a drill, a bit, four screws and appropriate wall plugs will be there. I can't help thinking that it's not going to go to plan though and either he won't have a ladder or at the vital time there'll be a power cut.


Wish me luck because I leave this afternoon and I'd like to see it used before I go :-)




I should have had more faith. He turned up this morning, early in fact, and fitted the hoop. As I predicted though, he arrived without a ladder (he was on a motorbike) so did the job standing on a barrel balanced on top of a narrow bench. He's a braver man than me  :-o

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